WEEDS – Are your weeds out of control, in your beds, driveway cracks and in between pavers?  It happens to everyone no matter the time of year. There is a trick to keeping the weeds away. It is very important that the first time you begin weed control that you use a commercial grade product and a lot of it. We estimate 4-6 gallons depending on the size of your weed control area.

Consistency is the next most important determinate. Maintenance is key in keeping the weeds away. A once a month application is necessary to controlling weeds. In addition to spraying it is important that you use an underlayment under the mulch in your beds. It is best to have 2-4 inches of mulch at all times. It is difficult for weeds to penetrate the mulch with 2-4 inch depth and an underlayment. If you follow these few easy steps you will be weed free in no time. Have a great July!!